Capital One Careers & Employment Forms

Capital One is a major American bank holding company. They specialize in credit cards, home loans, auto loans, banking, and saving services. Stacked against the other companies of the world, they are ranked eighth overall.

Today we’ll look at the Capital One application and how they find and hire new people. We’ll also look at some of the roles they are seeking to fill and what benefits you can expect. Let’s dive in!

Company History & Overview

As of 2012, Capital One has 963 branches which includes 10 smaller locations within their Capital One 360 brand. There are also 2,000 of their branded ATM machines. As a member of the Fortune 500, they also do business in Canada and the United Kingdom.

The biggest mark Capital One made was pioneering the mass marketing of credit card services throughout the 1990s. As a result of this, they are now the fourth-largest customer of the United States Postal Service.

All of this began on July 27, 1994. Richmond-based Signet Financial Corporation revealed that they would open a spin-off of their credit card division which would be called OakStone Financial.

Richard Fairbank was named CEO of this new company. Today you’ll find that the Signet Financial is now a part of Wells Fargo. In October of 1994 the spin-off company was renamed Capital One.

In February of 1995 Capital One became an independent corporation. In the beginning the company was a “monoline” which meant they only dealt in consumer lending in the form of credit

This was a risky move because other financial institutions of the time focused on a diverse method of financial services. Most companies that tried this method went out of business in the past twenty years because credit cards can be profitable in a good market, but incredibly risky during a bad economy.

Capital One usually attributes their success to the construction of demographic profiles for their clients. This allowed them to use data they collected to offer personalized offers directly to their potential customers.

In 1999, Capital One announced it would be looking into other forms of financing. These included loans, insurance, and phone service as potential possibilities.

While many monoline companies either failed or were acquired by larger banks. Capital One was able to expand into retail banking by focusing on subprime customers.

They did this by doing some acquisitions of their own. They purchased Hibernia National Bank in 2005, North Fork Bancorporation, and Chevy Chase Bank in 2008.

The 2007 subprime mortgage crisis hit the company hard, but they were able to bounce back and purchase all of the stock the company had issued to the U.S. Treasury in June of 2009.

Acquisitions continued through the years, with the latest being in August 2015. Capital One acquired the General Electric Co’s Healthcare Financials Services unit for $9 billion.

$8.5 billion of the deal is composed of loans made to sectors like senior housing, hospitals, medical offices, outpatient services, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

Direct Competitors

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Capital One Application Online

Your journey starts with a trip to the Capital One jobs page on their website. Here you’ll find an intuitive search feature that allows you to find opportunities in your area.

There are plenty of opportunities available for entry-level positions as well. Once you begin climbing the ranks, you’ll need to think about pursuing a degree to reach some of the higher career aspirations.

You must be at or above the age of eighteen to quality for a position with Capital One. Positions span across numerous departments such as human resources, information technology, communications, retail banking, sales, and teller positions.

When you’re applying online, you can choose the type of work you’re looking for. Once you begin the online forms, you will be asked to upload your resume. Make sure that it’s completely up-to-date and ready for a hiring manager to review.

When it comes time for someone to contact you, there will be a first screening that can last up to thirty minutes. This will help the hiring manager understand your personality and your desire to work for the company.

Benefits Information

There are several packages available for part-time and full-time employees:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Fitness center access
  • Short and long-term disability
  • Holiday and vacation time
  • 401(k) retirement plans

These packages will vary based on your position and the location where you’re working.

Final Thoughts

Your Capital One application will put you on the path to a great career. Apply today and find out what positions are right for you as you move into an exciting job position with Capital One!