Employment & Careers at Burger King

Everybody’s got their own method of making burgers, and I’m fine with that. There’s always a slight difference between each place you go to. Everyone has their own angle, something to make them stand out from the rest. For Burger King, it has always been that flame broiled flavor that makes you feel like you just pulled it off the grill.

Well, that and the onion rings, man I love those onion rings! That Zesty sauce they give you to dip them in, oh, be still my beating heart! That’s it! We need a Burger King application in here immediately so I can figure out how they make this magic happen. I’ve always enjoyed the atmosphere and the flavor of the burgers they make, and with so many locations, you can join their team and begin a lucrative career.

Just remember, these are classy burgers. The Whopper is a beautiful masterpiece of color, texture, and flavor. Pay respect to the magic that makes these flame broiled beauties possible, and they will reward you with success and food beyond your wildest dreams. Let’s get into this so we can go reward ourselves with a trip to Burger King afterward.

A History & Overview of The Company

When it comes to chains of hamburger fast food restaurants, the beginning is always the same. The common denominator is what the success stems from, and in each scenario, it always starts in one place, and spreads in a totally different way than the last story before it. Well, in this case, it all started with a company called Insta-Burger King in 1953.

The company was a Jacksonville based restaurant chain. After the founders, Keith J. Kramer and his wife’s uncle Matthew Burns visited the original McDonald’s brothers’ store, they got the idea to open a burger joint of their own. They purchased the rights to two machines called Insta-Broilers, and opened their first locations. As things picked up, they required all of their franchises to use these pieces of equipment, since it was so successful.

Things went a little downhill in 1959, and the company was purchased by two franchisees from the Miami location, by the names of James McLamore and David R. Edgerton. These two went to work restructuring the chain and changed the named to just Burger King, which is where it remains today.

At the end of last year, the company reported over 13,000 locations in 79 countries, with a 66% ratio of them being in the United States. Currently, 99% of the Burger King locations are privately owned and operated after the company moved to an entirely franchised business model in 2013.

The company operates today on the same basis of cooking the burgers through a method of mechanical broiling that gives them that signature flavor. The equipment used has varied over the years, with the last switch happening in 2009 where the broilers were installed with a computer-based monitoring system that tracks temperature and ensures more consistent quality to the cooking.

The company has expanded and evolved its Burger King menu over the years, adding chicken sandwiches, breakfast items, and dessert to the options available. Of course, the signature Whopper is still there and has come through in a variety of forms over the years. In other parts of the world, it is modified with regional ingredients to better suit the taste and culture of those regions. Now, let’s see how you can obtain a Burger King employment application, and use this information to truly impress the hiring manager with the company.

Burger King Application Online

If you’re the kind of person who likes to be constantly moving, you enjoy making people smile, or you’ve got a passion for the best burgers in the business, you can start your Burger King job application by heading to the careers page of the company’s website! You’ll need to be at least sixteen years of age to apply, so keep that in mind.

I’ve seen a lot of careers pages in my time, not because I apply to all of them, but because I make a living off writing about them. Every time I see one, there’s always something there to make the company stand out to you as an individual. Sometimes, it’s pretty colors or fancy font, or in the case of Burger King, it’s some great messages that speak to the masses and don’t try to sugarcoat anything.

Check out this little blurb about the in-restaurant opportunities with the company:

“You enjoy the faster pace of life. Anything you do, you’re blazin’ your own trail to get where you want to go. That’s because you dig the instant gratification of a job well done. It could be earnin’ a few extra bucks, seeing the smile on a customer’s face, or running a well-oiled crew. Either way, our In-Restaurant opportunities give you the chance to have it all – and have it all your way. Just add your style, bring your charm, and zero-in on a job that’s right up your alley.”

And there it is! You’ve got a shot, concise, no fancy font or frilly ribbons method of telling you what this job is, and why you want it. With this kind of honesty, add a dash of your own when you’re filling out the employment form online. You can start by selecting the category, choosing a location, and then a nice, easy to read and use form is laid out before you.

In some cases, the Burger King location will accept resumes via email. For this alternative, you will see an option to attach one to your application. If they do not accept it via email, you can send it with regular snail-mail or you could show up with a nice outfit and deliver it to the manager or owner in person with a smile on your face. In case you can’t tell, that’s the better way to do it. Putting a face to the name will always give you an edge on the competition.

To learn more, go to the Burger King interview tips page.

Direct Competitors

Who dares compete with the king of burgers? A few places actually, but as they say, competition breeds innovation. So, where else should you offer your talents after you’ve applied here? Head over to our McDonald’s page and learn how to join their team. For the old fashioned feel, apply online to Wendy’s as well. Maybe tex-mex is more your thing, so if that’s the case, apply to Taco Bell to round out your selection of opportunities.

Store Level Positions with The Company

At the store level, there are three major positions you can apply for. These represent a range of experience and qualifications. Most people will begin in an entry-level position as a team member with the company. The positions are outlined below:

1. Team Member

This is the position that most employees occupy and it represents a part-time, entry-level option for those beginning their career with the company. This position revolves around customer service, but also includes duties in food prep, cleaning, and operating the drive-thru window.

2. Delivery Driver

Some Burger King locations offer delivery, which is just, wow, I need to live there. In order to work as a driver, you will need to be at least eighteen years old. Seriously though, where can I go to have a burger and onion rings delivered to me? I need to know this, right now.

3. Manager

The fearless leader, the general of the nation’s armies, the commander in chief, this is the manager. As a manager you will oversee the day-to-day operations of the restaurant, and you will provide valuable feedback to the employees, molding them into superstars.

You’re feeling it, aren’t you? I know you are, because I am, and this party is about to get started! Head online to the careers page and start filling out a Burger King application!