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There’s something comforting about homestyle food fresh from the farm. I think we can all agree with that. Even if you’ve never lived in the south, one trip to Bob Evans will awaken those homegrown roots within you. It’s an atmosphere and a comfort food like no other. That’s why I love this restaurant, and it’s why you’ll love working here.

All it takes is a Bob Evans application, and you’ll be well on your way to a career in a restaurant that wants everyone to feel like they’ve just come home from a long journey to enjoy a hearty meal with the people they love. Today we’ll look at the history, functions, and hiring process of the company so you can have an edge when it comes time to fill out your forms.

The Company’s History and Culture

The Bob Evans restaurant chain began humbly, like so many others. It was originally a truck stop diner near the Bob Evans Farm in Rio Grande, Ohio. Starting in 1946, the chain has grown to encompass 600 locations in 19 states. The locations are typically found in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern, and upper Southern states.

Each of the locations are corporately owned, not franchised like other restaurant chains. The chain began when Bob Evans himself started slaughtering and packing his own sausage in the diner he owned. Many people who stopped by, truck driver and other patrons, told him that his sausage was far better than other places. He received large orders, but he couldn’t handle them in his small capacity.

bob-evans-storefront-minHe decided to contact his cousin, Tim Evans, who owned Evans Packing Company. He contracted with him to package Bob Evans Sausages. During these early years, it is said that Bob himself journeyed across Southern Ohio seeking out the best cuts of meat. Bob became something of a local celebrity at a small town by the Ohio River called Gallipolis. At the local Meat Market & Grocery Store he and Earl Nance came up with iconic sausage recipes.

Bob Evans tried to sell his Sausage to restaurants in the area, but they told him customers wouldn’t pay more for quality. Whoops, bad call. Bob decided to open his own restaurant in 1962 in the city of Rio Grande, Ohio. Dan Evans served as the CEO after Bob until his retirement in 2000.

The company started offering their pork products to local grocery markets, in addition to other prepared foods. At the actual restaurants, baked goods, snacks, greeting cards, and small gifts are sold. The primary theme here is southern country. Breakfast is served all day for starters, and the menu reflects that theme.

The culture here reflects the same theme. On the website, the company states that the basics include “high-quality food and heartfelt hospitality.” Bob Evans himself used to say that “Everybody is somebody at Bob Evans.” Some of the signature dishes that the restaurant serves are as follows:

  • Rise & Shine Breakfast
  • Sausage Gravy & Biscuits
  • Turkey & Dressing
  • Knife & Fork Sandwiches

Since the food is from farms, there are seasonal options available depending on the time of year. This include options like pumpkin pie, fruit-topped brioche French toast, and many others. Possibly the best part of the Bob Evan’s culture is the spirit of giving and the focus on the communities where each location is situated.

The collection of charitable programs that the company has is referred to as BE|KIND and it represents the efforts from the team in the company’s annual Community Giving Report. For example, just last year the company raised $780,196 through community fundraisers and $251,000 donated to medical organizations.

Direct Competitors

The comfort and atmosphere of a homestyle meal is something that many restaurants try to replicate. Once you’re finished applying here, check out Cracker Barrel which offers a similar experience. Next, check out Chick-Fil-A which has a similar and welcoming environment for both guests and employees. Finally, give Wendy’s a shot for their great menu and team-oriented atmosphere.

Bob Evans Application Online

On the careers page of the Bob Evans website, the founder is quoted saying “Quality is long remembered after price is forgotten.” This, in conjunction to his earlier quote saying that everyone is someone at this place, are what define the values of the company. With over 30,000 employees, the company is large, and growing by the day.

On this page you will see some great tools for searching the various job openings. You can utilize keywords or choose locations for example. The hiring process here is very quick, so be prepared to hear back relatively quickly, especially if the location you choose is hiring. The process usually doesn’t take more than a week.

If you don’t hear back right away, feel free to call and follow-up with the hiring manager. When applying, keep in mind that the locations are open all hours so your availability should be as open as possible, but the company also has flexible scheduling options.

There are numerous options here for entry-level positions if this is your first job search. As long as you have a great personality and some sort of previous experience, you’ll have no problems earning one of these positions.

For manager positions, you’ll need to have some experience, a high-school diploma, and be 19-years old. On the flipside, the entry-level positions only require an age of 16 years. There are a variety of positions available in various roles throughout the restaurant. A number of hourly roles include servers, bussers, kitchen prep, and grill cook opportunities.

Benefits and Salary

The hourly positions at Bob Evans make between minimum wage and $8.00 per hour. When you make it to a managerial position, you can expect annual salary options ranging from $30,000 to $60,000 per year. In terms of benefits, you can expect the following once you gain tenure with the company:

  • Competitive pay
  • Paid training
  • Opportunities for upward growth
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Stock purchase programs
  • Holiday pay
  • Annual bonuses
  • Education assistance
  • Medical and dental insurance

Final Thoughts

With this information, you’ll have everything you need to confidently fill out a Bob Evans application and walk into your your new career with your head held high. Thanks for reading, and best of luck!