BJs Wholesale Club Employment & Career Opportunities

I don’t know about you, but any store with the word wholesale in their title just makes me love it instantly.  BJ’s Wholesale Club is no exception to that. It also feels nice to be part of the members-only club. You get such great products, in larger than life packages. It makes you feel special, right?

They even accept coupons! Who wouldn’t love to fill out a BJ’s application? It sounds like a great place to work. Let’s look at how to apply for jobs at BJ’s, what kinds of jobs they offer and the benefits of working for them.

The History and Expansion of the Company

BJ’s started as a discount department store chain in 1984 by the Zayre Corporation. It got its Bjs Wholesale Clubname from Beverly Jean Weich. She was the daughter of Mervyn Weich, the president of the company.

In 1988, Zayre sold BJ’s, to the TJX company. In 1997, BJ’s was sold to an independent company.

This was when it became the BJ’s Wholesale Club we now know and love. BJ’s was sold once again in 2011 to Leonard Green & Partners and CVC Capital Partners.

As of November 2013, BJ’s had over 200 stores in fifteen states. They employ around 25,000 people. You could be one of them. For its members, there are a lot of benefits. The benefits are the reason that people love shopping there.

Most BJ’s have special services for their members, for example, car rentals, an optical department, propane filling,  gas stations, home heating oil, and vacation packages. They aren’t available at all locations, but that is still pretty great!

Direct Competitors

The major competition for BJ’s are the other two large wholesale companies.  Costco Wholesale and Walmart’s version of a warehouse club concept, Sam’s Club are the direct competition.

BJ’s sets itself apart from its competitors by stating that they are the most customer based wholesaler.

BJ’s Wholesale Club Application Online

There are a whole bunch of great job opportunities and BJ’s. They have everything including entry-level opportunities, competitive wages, flexible scheduling, and fast-paced work environments. They are looking for people with a lot of energy, who are friendly and able to work in a team. Does this sound like they are describing you? Hold on there is more.

Entry-level jobs don’t have many requirements, but they do prefer candidates who have a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as some experience working with people. You will need to have excellent people skills. If you are looking for a job in management, BJ’s looks for managers who have at least one year of retail experience with at least a high school education or higher.

BJ’s Wholesale Club Employment and Salary Information

BJ’s demands that the customer is always satisfied. They have a minimum age requirement of 16 years old for entry-level jobs and 18 years old for some of the more specific jobs. They are looking for people to fill clerk,  cashier,  member services, and manager positions.

Clerks – An entry-level job, stock clerks, mainly transfer merchandise from stockrooms and storage areas to store shelves. Some other responsibilities are assembling product displays, directing customers to merchandise, and maintaining store cleanliness. For this job, you might need to be able to lift heavy items and stand a lot. You might want to hit the gym a little before applying.

A BJ’s stock clerk usually earns around minimum wage. Their pay rates can increase to around
$10.00 an hour. This would depend on experience and performance. BJ’s stock clerks have flexible, part-time work schedules. This entry-level job can lead to rewarding jobs in management and supervisory positions.

Cashiers – BJ’s is always looking for a few good cashiers.   Typical cashier responsibilities include: greeting customers, ringing up purchases, and answering questions about products and services. You should be able to stand on your feet for a long time and be friendly with customers. This entry-level position doesn’t require any previous experience.

The average BJ’s Wholesale Club cashier starts at minimum wage and earns up to $10.00 per hour. Just like clerks there is always the possibility of promotion to supervisor or manager positions.

Sales Representatives – Primary job duties include selling BJ’s Wholesale Club memberships. They talk with customers and answer questions about policies, products, services, and membership rates. Having some sales experience is a benefit. This is a job where you need to be at least 18.

A membership sales representatives usually earns minimum wage. After some time, they can earn up to $12.00 per hour. Workers can move into full-time, managerial positions after some experience is gained, and they have spent some time with the company. Once they are full-time, they are entitled to other perks. The benefits packages frequently include medical coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and special in-store discounts.

Managers – There are many different department management positions at BJ’s. A manager’s typical duties include resolving customer/employee conflicts, hiring and training new associates, ensuring customer satisfaction, placing product orders, and overseeing the shipping, receiving, and inventory.

Any applicant must be at least 18 and a multitasker. Usually, managers begin at about $9.00 per hour for department supervisor positions and range up to nearly $100,000 annual salary for general managers. These jobs also include 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare coverage, and additional insurance options.

How to Apply

If any of the above sounds great to you, BJ’s makes it easy for you to apply online through their company job portal. You have to create an account that will let you save and submit for more positions. You have to fill out the forms thoroughly you can also upload your resume.

Using the portal is great because you can view your status once you apply for a job. After applying online, hiring managers usually take one to two weeks to review and call potential interviewees. If too much time passes without any contact, you can also try to contact the hiring personnel to see how long the hiring process will take.

Why You Should Work at BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s offers its workers paid training opportunities, flexible work environments, and career growth potential.

They also have competitive pay scales and benefits. If you are a qualified worker, you can have great benefits such as paid holidays, sick time, and paid personal days. Future-planning benefits include enrollment in 401(k) retirement plans, employee stock options, and insurance plans.

Final Thoughts

Since 1996 BJ’s have been a supporter of many different schools across the 15 states they have stores in, they are part of the “Adopt-A-School” program. They have helped out an estimated 200 plus schools and donated over $2 million. How great would it be to work for a company that gives so much back? Hope this helps with you BJ’s application.

Remember having a Linkedin account is always a great idea when you are looking for a job. Just make sure to keep it up-to-date.