Careers & Employment at Belk

If you like shopping at department stores, it might be just as great to work at one. Why don’t you fill out a Belk application and you could be working there soon. In case you have never heard of Belk they are a chain of midlevel department stores that are found all over the US. They sell great products and have amazing customer service.

The are always looking for some great people to join their team. There are all kinds of job available from entry level to managerial roles. Continue reading to learn about how you can apply to work at Belk.

The History and Expansion of the Company

It is known at the country’s biggest and still family run and owned department store. This is what gives Belk its charm. They sell everything from national brands to private label clothes. They also carry accessories housewares and so much more.

Belk storefront-minIt was started in 1888 by William Henty Belk. The stores were first called New York Racket. They then changed the name to Belk Brothers. As the company grew they acquired other department stores and brands. They grew slowly but surely so that they are still around to day and still owned by the same family. They now have more than 306 locations in 19 states.

Direct Competitors

Belk has a great reputation. People think of it as being a great place to shop. Its competition is Marshalls as well as Citi Trends. These stores are all different but they sell a wide range of products and target similar markets.

Job Opportunities with Belk

Belk needs its employees to be amazing customer service representatives and understand about style. The company focuses on making the customer satisfied. They want the customers to get what they want.

You have to be at least 18 years old to work at Belk. They are also looking for people who are personable and great customer service skills.

There are a number of positions available at Belk

Store associates- they are like cashiers and sales associates. They usually work part-time for a competitive hourly wage.

Managers – have full-time hours and receive generous annual salary options.

For entry level positions little or even no experience is needed to be hired.  They also offer all kinds positions part and full-time with flexible hours.

Positions and Salary Information

There are a lot of great jobs at Belk including:

Sales Associate – They work in specific departments.

The general tasks include:

  • unpacking and organizing merchandise
  • handling signage for store promotions
  • helping shoppers with their needs.
  • maintain cleanliness of their departments

They don’t need to have any previous work experience to have this job.  They want people to be team oriented, motivated and are able to follow instructions.

They earn around $9 to $11 an hour, staff with experience earn $14 to $15 an hour.

Operations Team Associate – They are known as stock clerks. They are focused on receiving and processing products that arrive from the distribution centers.

Their duties include:

  • unload and sort items from delivery trucks
  • deliver them to the appropriate departments.
  • set up product displays
  • attach security tags
  • maintain cleanliness in stores.

They should be physically able to move and carry heavy items and have the ability to work weekends and nights.

Operations team associates usually earn an hourly wage of $10.

Management – Management team members include

  • department manager
  • assistant manager
  • store manager

Their duties include overseeing complete store operations from hiring and training, to sales, profit, inventory, customer satisfaction, and problem solving.

To apply for these positions, you should have a 4-year college degree and some previous experience. Department managers may earn $30,000 a year, while assistant managers earn $50,000 and store managers earn up to $75,000 annually.

Belk Online Application

Belk makes it easy to apply for new jobs online. You should go to their official website and then click on careers. From here you can pick the positions, distribution and corporate careers. You can also click on View current store openings and apply to your local store now. However clicking on these choices you will have to complete an application for each location you apply to.

Why Work at Belk

Any employee at Belk can enjoy some pretty great benefits including:

Competitive pay

Flexible work schedules

Career growth potential.

Those who are luckily enough to get a job at Belk will be working in a fun and supportive environment.

Belk offers an exciting benefits package including:

  • Medical coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Paid vacation
  • Sick leave
  • Merchandise discounts
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Access to training programs

Of course these benefits depend on the level of employment of an employee. The good news is that Belk’s likes to reward loyal and great workers, with promotions. So if you work hard and try your best you could some day be in management.

Final Thoughts

Belk is a great place to work. You shouldn’t wait to complete your Belk application. The sooner you complete it the faster you can be working in this great environment. They really appreciate their employees. They try to make sure that they are all satisfied and able to be their best at work for the customers. They want people who are upbeat and happy to be working with Belk.

Remember in order to be successful at a job you have to like it. A job might pay well but if you are not satisfied with the job that you are doing you will never be happy. It might not always be possible to love your job but you should at least enjoy some aspect of it.