Bath & Body Works Employment Options

I don’t know if it’s a healthy obsession, or I’m just narcissistic, but I’m going to hope that it’s the former. You see, I love smelling good, a little too much in fact. I’ll lather on body wash, deodorant, body spray, you name it. Before you ask, I don’t use Axe; come on now, it’s all about the Old Spice. While I have admittedly not been in Bath & Body Works by myself, I do so love the wafting scent of lotions and candles when I pass by one of their mall locations. This is one of those stores that I don’t mind my girlfriend dragging me into. It smells nice after all.

It’s okay friend, you’re allowed to enjoy smelling good. Keep reading, and we’ll learn how you can get your hands on a Bath and Body Works application. It’s just as easy as picking out a scent of shower gel, or cologne. Okay, bad example, that can be difficult. Relax though, with my help, you’ll be working in a store that surrounds you with a buffet for your nose.

Company Overview & History

Bath & Body works began in 1990, which is surprising. Normally, these companies have roots stretching back to just before the dark ages, but then you look at the origins of this store, and it’s only been around for fourteen years or so. Well, the store is an American retail store under the L Brands name. It was founded in New Albany, Ohio and has expanded across the United States and Canada since it began.

The stores specialize in various products that make our noses happy. Shower gels, lotions, fragrance mists, perfumes, candles, and home fragrances. Like I said, happy nose. In 1997, the company opened a secondary brand called Bath & Body Works at Home. This division was later renamed the White Barn Candle Company.

Bath & Body WorksIn 2006, Bath & Body Works launched a seasonal catalog and a website. In November of that year, they also launched their first television commercial advertisement. As of January 28, 2006, the net sales for the company were at $2,285,000,000. This number was higher than all of the other L Brands stores, except for Victoria’s Secret. Well, naturally.

In July of 2008, Bath & Body Works announced that they were opening six locations up in Canada, eh? They had acquired the La Senza and decided to move into this new market, where their only competition was a bunch of really nice smelling people who ran The Body Shop. I wonder if those people ever got confused for a car maintenance place. That would be awkward; walking in to get your oil changed and someone offers you a scented candle set. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do.

Currently, Bath & Body Works operates over 1,600 stores. In October of 2010, they opened the first store outside of North America. It was located in Kuwait and franchised by a major company called M.H. Alshaya. That’s quite the jump, good for them. So what are we going to be working with here?

Well, they’re big on fragrances. The company website states that they “travel the world to find the latest trends and most beautiful scents. We never rest in our commitment to bring you the world’s newest, freshest fragrances for body, hand, and home.” I tried clicking on the Bath & Body Works Fragrance studio and I suddenly realized that it was alphabetized, and there were a lot of links, a lot.

With hundreds of different products available across lotions, hand soaps, scented candles, and much more, Bath & Body Works is all about bringing the highest quality scents into your home and lathering them on your skin to make you a harbinger of the greatest smells this world has to offer. Not bad for a company vision, is it?

Direct Competitors

Not much out there in the world of scented awesome, but retail offers you plenty of options for applying and seeking out new opportunities for employment. If you like having fun at work, check out GameStop for an in-depth look on how you can get hired to sell video games. Toys R Us is also a place that will bring out the inner child in you. If you’re looking for more hands-on work, and easy to remember prices; check out our Dollar Tree article.

Bath and Body Works Application Online

Since Bath & Body Works is part of a larger chain of brands, starting out here on the ground floor can open up multiple opportunities for you in the future. If you can’t list off all the ingredients in any given soap, lotion, or health product, it’s alright. There are plenty of entry-level positions available with the company. Before we get into specifics though, let’s see how the employment form is accessed.

Start by heading to the career page of the Bath & Body Works website. From here, you can search for stores in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. The store locator is really just to know where you may have a location in your area though. There is no process for applying online. Instead, you’ll find links that allow you to download and print a paper employment form that you can fill out and turn into the store. Here is the link to the U.S. version of the form. Fairly standard stuff here, you’ll put in your information, education, experience, and so on. When it comes to the availability, I’ll keep this brief because you’ve probably heard my opinion on this several times before.

As someone who spent eight years in retail, I can tell you that availability is hugely important. If you’re breathing, friendly, and coherent, you’re good to start working. Experience can’t be taught, it has to be earned, so don’t be afraid to apply if this is your first job. Whether it’s your first or tenth job though, you need to give them as much availability as you have. Someone who is ready to work and always dependable is more valuable than even the most seasoned of veterans who can only work two days a week.

You have power when it comes to availability, being open and ready to work makes you a valuable commodity. Once you’ve filled out the application, head into your local store and turn it in while dressed in something nice, and with a big ol’ smile on your face. Excitement is also key when you turn in the employment forms. You could even throw on a few spurts of cologne or perfume to show them that you know what smelling good is like, and you’re ready to spread the love.

Benefits of Working with The Company

Working with Bath & Body Works will afford you the following benefits both when you start, and some when you work your way up with the company and gain tenure:

  • Excellent Base Pay
  • Flexible Hours
  • Career Growth Opportunities
  • Discounts on Store Products
  • 401(k) Retirement Plans
  • Paid Time Off
  • Health Care Options
  • Life Insurance
  • Tuition Reimbursement

There’s plenty of opportunity here for you to grow your career and spread your wings into the retail industry. There’s nothing like smelling great, looking good, and helping other people feel the same. Confidence apparently can be bottled and sold, so join this team of people who are marking people feel great about themselves every day. Head online, download and print the Bath & Body Works application and start your career in this lucrative and fantastically fragrant field of work. Thanks as always for reading, and best of luck, not that you’ll need it, you’ve got everything you need.