Careers & Employment at AutoZone

Are you ready to get in the Zone? Sorry, I had to. Today we’re talking about AutoZone, a retailer of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories in the United States. Mexico, and Brazil. There are plenty of locations to choose from, so finding one won’t be difficult.

It’s time you started a career in this business, so why not fill out an AutoZone application? Today you’ll be treated to the company’s history, hiring process, benefits, and potential salary options. Let’s put this article into gear, shall we?

The Company’s History and Vision

AutoZone has over 5,200 locations across the United States, Mexico, and Brazil. The company headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee. This company’s story begins in the 1970s when it was still a part of the wholesale grocer Malone & Hyde.

Back then it was known as Auto Shack. The grocery portion of the company was sold to the Fleming Companies of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The name was switched to AutoZone to show the new focus, and to settle an apparent lawsuit saying that the original name was too close to the “Radio Shack” copyright. Yeah, okay.

AutoZone owns the naming right to the downtown Memphis baseball stadium, and also sponsors the AutoZone Liberty Bowl. The first location opened in Forrest City, Arkansas on July 4, 1979. The first day’s sales were $300.

autozone-store-front-min-minIn the 1980s, the VDP system was implemented in 1981. Also known as Express Parts, this was a new program designed to help customer purchase special parts by ordering them from wholesalers. At this point there were 73 stores in 7 states.

In 1984, AutoZone has 194 stores in 13 states. This was also the year that it became the first auto parts store to create a quality control program for parts.

In 1985, AutoZone was up to 263 stores in 14 states. The manager of the first store, Doc Crain, coined a new term: WITTDTJR which means “what it takes to do the job right.”

By the time 1986 rolled around, the company had expended into a massive chain across the South and Midwest. That same year, Darren Reltherford, the manager of Auto Shack’s Memphis Tennessee store, was awarded the first Extra Miler award which is given to those who show a dedication to customer satisfaction by going the “extra mile” to help them.

In the 1980s, the Duralast brand of alternators and starters is released. AutoZone also began the Loan-A-Tool program which allowed customers to borrow specific tools for jobs. The fourth distribution center also opens as the company expands to 459 stores in 16 states by the late 1980s.

In 1989, the company started using a digital management system, the Duralast line of batteries is also released in a Sub-Zero, Desert, and Long Life variety. The number of stores grew to 513 in 17 states.

The 1990s were great for AutoZone as well. In 1991, the company began trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “AZ.” It also became the first auto retailer to store customer warranties in a computer system.

In 1994 AutoZone expanded communications by utilizing satellites. The following year the 1,000 store was opened in Louisville, Kentucky. 1996 was when the company adopted the internet and opened their company website. The end of the 90s brought with it a place on the Fortune 500 list in 1999.

In the 2000’s, Steve Orland became the third CEO for AutoZone. The Vision and Values of the company were also released. These are important to know so I’ve listed them below:

Vision: Relentlessly creating the most exciting Zone for vehicle solutions!”

Values: Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Communication, Innovation, Initiative, Accountability, Thriftiness, Leadership, Excellence.

Over the course of the 2000’s and into the 2010’s, AutoZone continued expanding and eventually opened their 5,000th store in Wasilla, Alaska.

Direct Competitors

People are always looking for the cheapest car parts, and while AutoZone certainly has options, there are other stores as well that would be interested in hiring you. After you’re finished here, check out Advance Auto Parts. From there, be sure to check out Pep Boys. Finally, look at what possibilities await at Auto Parts Warehouse.

AutoZone Application Online

Each of the AutoZone locations houses thousands of different parts that require both full-time and part-time employees to help customers find the one they need. The company encourages team-oriented environments and offers plenty of opportunities for career development.

If you have any aspirations for becoming a mechanic or some other type of automotive expert, the experience you’ll gain here will be invaluable for your continued efforts. Opportunities can also be found in field management, commercial sales, distribution, and more.

The goal of each employee is to provide a personalized experience to each customer that walks into the store. Store employees will also be responsible for helping customers with hands-on assistance such as installing new wiper blades for them.

Now that you know about the company’s history, vision, and values, head over to the AutoZone careers page to start applying! Once you are hired, you’ll be known as an AutoZoner.

Once you’ve finished applying, the company should reach out to you. If you don’t hear anything within a week, be sure to call or stop in and speak with the hiring manager. Remember to dress appropriately, and show your genuine interest in the company by showcasing your knowledge you received from reading this article.

Benefits and Salary Information

At the entry-level, AutoZone employees can expect to earn between $8.00 and $10.00 per hour. Store managers make yearly salaries between $30,000 and $60,000 or more in some cases. In terms of benefits, here are the ones you can expect when you’ve gained tenure with the company:

  • Life Insurance
  • Long and Short-term disability
  • Retirement benefits
  • Medical and dental plans
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Vision coverage
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Stock purchase
  • Vacation days
  • Company-observed holidays
  • Adoption discounts
  • Discounts on store merchandise at at affiliated retailers

It’s also worth noting that AutoZone hires people from job fairs and through other methods of recruitment. If you notice a job fair coming to your local college campus, be sure to attend for opportunities to join the company.

Final Thoughts

A career is waiting for you. You only need to fill out an AutoZone application so you can start this amazing new chapter in your life. Thanks for reading and best of luck!