Jobs in Automotive

The automotive industry is filled with people who all have very unique and specific skill sets. It usually involves certifications and training as well, but the rewards are substantial. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field is set to grow continuously year-over-year.

Common positions in this field include things like mechanics, technicians, tow truck operators, and management roles. There are, of course, entry-level positions for those who want to start their career as well.

Projected Job Growth

There are millions upon millions of registered vehicles in the United States. That number grows by the day as people continue to purchase vehicles and require service for them. Sometimes it’s maintenance, other times if’s for repairs.

As cars become more advanced and are able to last longer, more maintenance is required. All of this points towards new job opportunities opening up as time goes on. Not only this, but it also guarantees job security as well. automotive-jobs

When you decide it’s time to apply, be sure to check out some of these popular companies that offer automobile jobs:

  • Advance Auto Parts
  • Jiffy Lube
  • Local dealerships

Responsibilities and Potential Salary Options

Depending on the potion you apply for, you’ll be working on various types of vehicles. You will perform maintenance and check various things like oil, transmission fluid, belts, filters, and gauges.

Computer skills will most likely come into play with certain types of analysis and for checking out customers at the register. You’ll also need customer service skills which will help you explain complicated concepts to customers who have varying levels of automobile knowledge.


You’ll need to be at least eighteen years of age in most cases. In terms of education, you’ll need a high school diploma at the very least or something equivalent. As you move into higher positions, you’ll need to have special training or certification.

Qualifications and Special Training

As you start to rise up in your career, you’ll find that there are additional requirements. The National Institute Automotive Service Excellence provides the certifications you need, but your training will come from an automotive technician training school.

More certifications and experience will be required as you continue to rise through the ranks. Certification with specific manufacturers like Chrysler or Honda can help with specific positions as well.


When you reach the top levels of an automotive career you can expect to earn up to $25 or more per hour. Benefits are plentiful in the form of healthcare, disability, retirement plans, and other perks.

It’s Time to Apply!

If you have knowledge of how cars work, then it’s time to put that passion and that knowledge to use! Check out our pages on automotive jobs to find out about the companies that are currently hiring!

In terms of salary, those who work in the automobile industry usually start out making between $9 and $12 per hour. This varies based on experience and who you are working for.