Hey! I’m Aaron.Aaron Ramsey

I currently reside in Seattle, Washington and I attended Berkeley’s Haas School of Business in California prior to that. Like all of you folks out there, I remember trying to find my first job. I remember interviews, human resources, company hiring policies, all of it.

I fought my way through a struggling economy and I made a career for myself in retail. I climbed the ranks all the way to manager while I went to school simultaneously.

I realized something when I graduated though: I wanted to help other people find and start their careers. I had been through the ringer, and now I had a full business degree. With experience and insight, nothing was stopping me from helping my fellow job seekers. That’s why I started Eapplicants.com.

What is EApplicants.com?

Finding a job is not as simple as it used to be. With the rise of technology, the internet, and the falling economy, it has become increasingly difficult. We have a lot of tools at our disposal, but we also have a lot of obstacles that stand in the way of our careers. At eApplicants, we’ve compiled the penultimate resource for job seekers.

Our purpose is to land you the dream job, and the career you’ve been striving towards. Today’s job market is intense, competitive, and downright ruthless in some cases. Knowing a company’s culture, their history, and how to properly apply are just a few of the resources we offer. Let’s explore the ever growing and evolving website that is eApplicants.

A Unique and Vast Resource at Your Fingertips

When you visit our site, we offer you a question: Where do you want to work?

It’s simple, but it doesn’t limit itself to the obstacles we all face in our job search.

Put those away for a moment and type in the name of the company that you truly wish to work for. At eApplicants, you’ll find it within our database. When you open one of the countless articles, here’s what you’ll find:

  • An overview of the company and its history (great for interviews)
  • Direct competitors and additional places to apply
  • Links to the company’s career page and online employment forms
  • Salary options and benefits
  • Tips and tricks to network and make yourself known

Imagine, that much information about any major United States company, right at your fingertips.

It may seem impossible, but it’s here and it’s here to stay. Our site is constantly evolving too, with new companies being added every day, specific articles about resumes, interviews, and more.

The Companies We Cover

There are five specific categories that we utilize here on the site. Each one has a number of companies within itself, and the list grows larger each day.

Many of the major companies you know and love have received our comprehensive treatment. New companies rise to the challenge each day, so if there’s one thing we can always promise you, it’s that the site will never stop growing.

Let’s take a look at these five categories that we cover and what each one means for you and your career:

1. Department Store Careers

When we think of department store jobs, a lot of various companies probably come to mind. This stores tend to be sweeping vistas of clothing, jewelry, accessories, and all manner of merchandise. Many of today’s largest companies will fall into this category. One of the best reasons to pursue a job like this one, is the wealth of opportunities you can find within the same company.

Most job websites would just stop there, but when you visit our company articles in this category, you’ll find in-depth examinations of each company and how you can exemplify their culture when applying or interviewing.

Nothing says I want to work here like reciting the company’s slogan or providing a brief summary of how it got started.

2. Fast Food Careers

We all know that entering into the fast food industry means diving headlong into a massive chaos storm of constant business.

That being said, this industry also offers lightning fast promotions and the ability to climb the ladder much faster than in other types of jobs. Many of these locations are also widespread, giving you numerous options.

Our articles are focused on the big items that companies are looking for in this industry. Many locations will offer entry-level positions with no prior experience required. This means that you’re going to need to show off that winning personality and really rise above the competition. Our articles we help you find that winning streak.

3. Supermarket Careers

When you’re working in a supermarket, think of it like a department store, only with a lot more food. Our articles here give you insight into how these companies conduct their business and what they are looking for in the ideal candidate.

Many of these companies also pride themselves in selling organic foods, something that many people are passionate about.

We can help you find the company that matches your beliefs and practices around food production and put you in place where you’re happy and passionate about your career.

4. Restaurant Jobs

Food is a canvas and restaurant owners are artists that paint beautiful vistas across countless types of food. This is a great industry because it allows you to pick from just about any kind of food and culture that you wish and exemplify your passion for it in the process of applying and during your interview.

We’ll tell you everything there is to know about restaurant jobs, and what they are looking for in the ideal job candidate.

5. Retail Jobs

Retail is a taxing career choice, I would know since I spent a good chunk of my life working as a manager.

That being said, it has plenty of rewarding moments, but a very strict level of expectations depending on which company you’re looking at. We’ve broken these stores down to their basic levels and we’re not afraid to tell you exactly what they want from their candidates.

Our articles for retail companies will wow you with the sheer amount of information and detail contained within each one. It’s hard to believe the internet can hold something this awesome.

The Future is Bright

The economy is always shifting. Companies rise and fall like the ocean tides, but we’re here with you every step of the way.

Our website will continue to grow, evolve, and further prove itself as the ultimate source for job seekers. You need look no further my friends, if you need career information of any kind on any company, we’ve got you covered.