7-Eleven Online Employment Forms & Careers

7-Eleven is a chain of convenience stores that can be found all across the world. There are over sixty thousand stores in over eighteen different countries. 7-Eleven employs thousands of people all over the world. Go online today and fill out your 7-Eleven application to started on your way to a new career!

In this article, we will give you an overview of the company, its history, and look at some of their potential employment opportunities. We will also take a look at their online application process, potential salaries for some of the positions that they offer, and well as some of the company’s benefits.

The Company’s History & Overview

7-Eleven was founded in 1927 by John Jefferson Green, in Dallas, Texas, United States. The company was originally named Tote’m Stores. The name was not changed to 7-Eleven until 1946.

The company name was changed to reflect the company’s concept of new hours and staying open later to better service customers. Twenty-four hour stores were tested out later on in the year 1969, in Austin, Texas. Due to the success of that store other twenty-four hour stores began to open up throughout Texas and Nevada.7-eleven-storefront

The company’s headquarters are located in Irving, Texas, United States. They are currently the world’s largest operating convenience store chain. Most locations are primarily gas stations with convenience stores.

However, some locations do exclude the gas station section, and are stand alone stores. One of their most well-known products, within the United States, is the 7-Eleven Slurpee beverage. This drink is a partially frozen soft drink and it was first introduced in 1967.

Direct Competitors

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7-Eleven Application Online

7-Eleven offers several different employment opportunities throughout their more than sixty thousand locations. Store employment positions range from Sales Associates to Assistant Managers, and Store Managers. 7-Eleven also offers franchise opportunities, as well as corporate employment opportunities. In this article, we will focus on store location employment opportunities.

They offer positions that are part-time as well as full-time. They also offer employment opportunities for entry-level positions as well as management positions. Some positions may require work experiences, while other positions will not. Typically the minimum age requirement is sixteen years old. Other job requirements will vary based on the position.

You can apply online at the 7-Eleven website. The company has an online career network with information on franchise opportunities, corporate opportunities, as well as store location employment opportunities. Store jobs can be found on their Career page. Job seekers can search for open jobs on this page.

All job postings include the job title, description, responsibilities, qualifications, and physical requirements. Job postings also include the location, address, and store number for the location of the open position. Job seekers can apply by creating a resume or completing the online form.

The company’s website allows job seekers can also create an online account. This account allows job seekers to be able to apply to more than one positions, as well as track any updates on all applications that they have previously submitted. The company’s career website also offers more information on company news, company culture, and company benefits.

Benefits and Salary Information

Since 7-Eleven offers different positions of employment, as well as different levels of management, pay rates and benefits will vary based on the position. Entry-level positions, such as Sales Associates can have hourly rates from $8.00 to $10.00. These positions can part-time or full-time, and, usually, don’t require previous work experience.

Other positions such as management positions are typically full-time and may require previous work experience or training. Assistant Managers can have hourly rates from $10.00 to $13.00. Store Managers and District Managers can have annual rates from $42,000 to $72,000. Pay rates will vary based on the location of the store.

Benefits offered by 7-Eleven will vary based on the employment position. Some benefits are offered to all employees and some are only offered to management employees.

Benefits include paid training, promotion opportunities, store discounts, healthcare benefits, retirement benefits, such as 401(k) plans, as well as bonus incentives. Other benefits include sick time, paid vacation time, tuition reimbursement, and holiday pay.

Final Thoughts

A 7-Eleven application can be the start towards an amazing new career and a great employment opportunity. Whether you’re are searching for a part-time job while in school, or a full-time career for your future, this company has the perfect job for you! So apply online today and get on your way towards a new career!